7 Aug 2016


Today I was working on my laptop in the dining room when Mr Biscuit shuffled in, took a picture of the dresser, and retreated back to his office without any explanation. While I can't say that is the strangest thing to happen in this house this week- or even today, it was a bit odd, but I forgot about it almost immediately. 

When he told me to come and see something on facebook shortly after, I had a full moment of "hey wait, that looks familiar....."  before the brain-gears creaked to ".....is that our dining room? how did it get on the internet?"

Turns out he was talking to one of the fine folks at NovelTeas on Reddit and they liked the tea-station with the tea-tins, so they shared the picture. I was really surprised!

So, there you have today's little adventure. We only picked up the dresser from a pre-owned furniture shop a few weeks ago and I was going to post a picture when I finished organising everything, but here we go anyhow. Everything else is hoarded in the cupboard below in a most undignified way at the moment- except for the missing teapot which I was using at the time. The internet sure makes the world smaller, and life more interesting sometimes.

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My Precioussssss
 It's great to finally have a proper place to store everything now and there is a certain sorting process going on.  I've found several teas that I had bought and forgotten about, so I'm looking forward to giving them a try soon.

 However the flip-side of the Great Tea Sorting is that every tea-ball in the house seems to have up and vanished... I feel like Luna Lovegood, and that i'll come home to find them all hanging inexplicably from the light fixture- and pictures of it on the internet.